Presidents Corner

Presidents Corner




First and foremost I wish to thank the Board of Trustees of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering for the honour and privilege to serve as the 11th President of the Academy. I have spent the last two years performing as the Vice President , member of COUNCIL and the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE  and preparing to succeed the outgoing President , Professor Fola Lasisi.


 By tradition and the CONSTITUTION my predecessor, Professor Lasisi, today formally becomes the Immediate Past President. I thank him for his cooperation and support  which I have and continue to receive, since the formal handing over on July 1st, during a virtual online Annual General Meeting. This was necessary, due to the restrictions on meetings caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirement of the constitution of the Academy.

I would also like to look back 20 years and pay tribute to the VISION and WISDOM of the 41 FOUNDING FATHERS of the Academy. Although half of them have passed on, we still have several still serving the Academy as the Chairman, Engr V I Maduka and several members of the Board of Trustees and 5 very active Past PRESIDENTS. All of them are fully recognised in the brochure published today.  They had initiated and set high standards and noteworthy personal examples, collegiate integrity, professional excellence and formidable achievements in their various fields of endeavour. We are still inspired and guided by their sacrifices and   examples, today.


Let me continue by presenting the approved new Vision and Mission Statements of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering:


VISION STATEMENT: “ To Be a Leading Think-Tank in the Advancement of Science, Engineering and



MISSION STATEMENT: “ To Promote and Advance Science, Engineering and Technology as a Major Driver of National Development and International Competitiveness.”


Since the 1st of July 2020 the Academy has embarked on the implementation of a new and well articulated 5- year Strategic Plan, which was approved by Council in 2019. I consider it the sole responsibility of the Executive Committee, EXCO to implement, in order for it to succeed.


 This Strategic Plan contains among other important subjects, the new Vision and Mission Statements, Core Values, Strategic Areas of Focus, Objectives and Specific Timelines. It describes in abundant detail, steps for implementation.


 Essentially, it seeks to RESTRUCTURE the MODUS OPERANDI  and RE- ENERGISE the CONTENT of the Academy’s activities,  more efficiently and effectively.


Every Fellow of the Academy is being encouraged to contribute, by participating in the work of, at least one  of the 15 Standing Council Committees.


The EXCO which reports to Council has mandated Every Council Committee with a specific set of Terms of Reference, TOR, which was derived from the Plan, to enable it prepare a 2- year Strategic plan for the duration of its tenure.


Therefore, ultimately, all important initiatives, contributions to engineering, science and technology, and national development and all achievements of the Academy, as a whole, will reflect the quality of the input and dedication of all its Fellows.


The first part of the implementation of the Plan was the recruitment of the current  Executive Secretary to replace the traditonal Honorary Secretary, to head the Secretariat. In addition all other staff of the Secretariat have been re-trained, with improved and updated digital functioning skills. These actions have already yielded appreciable results in the efficiency and continuity of operations of the Secretariat, especially during the current period of COVID-19 pandemic.


 I wish to confirm the continued cooperation of the Academy with all relevant Engineering institutions such the Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE, Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN, Association of Consulting Engineers of Nigeria, ACEN, and National Board for Technical Education, NBTE. etc


The Academy will also cooperate with other local and international Academies. As a full member of the Council of Academies of Engineering, Technology and Science, CAETS the Academy shall continue to participate fully in all their programmes of activities.


Finally, I wish to congratulate our newly inducted Fellows on their well deserved elections. I look forward to welcoming them into the Academy. I expect each and everyone will quickly join the various Council Committees, where the Academy can benefit from their  unique expertise and experience, in keeping with their pledges of today.


I thank you all for your attention and patience.


Engr. Alexander O Ogedegbe,

President, Nigerian Academy of Engineering.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020.