Tribute to Ibrahim Khaleel INUWA, FNSE, FAEng, OFR From Engr. Mayen Adetiba

Tribute to Ibrahim Khaleel INUWA, FNSE, FAEng, OFR From Engr. Mayen Adetiba


Tribute to Ibrahim Khaleel INUWA, FNSE, FAEng, OFR 

In 1980, the NSE Past President Engr. CSO Akande, then MD of Portland Cement Plc dragged me to NSE. Engr. Akande was a member of the Board of DHV, a Dutch consulting firm I was working for. Even though I did not show much interest in NSE initially, I very quickly developed an insatiable affection for the society. Even though I was not registered yet as a corporate member, I was made a member of the Engr. Olu Awoyinfa's Publicity Committee and even attended my First AGM in Calabar. I was elected Assistant National Publicity Secretary and the Publicity Secretary the following year. I was the first female to be elected into the NSE Exco and Council for a few years until our dear President Engr. Mrs. Olu Maduka joined me after Apwen was formed.

Khaleel, as I fondly called him until his death, very readily openly embraced me so as to make me feel comfortable and welcomed in a formerly all-male Council and Exco before my election. This was before I turned thirty.

When he became NSE President, I was elected the National Publicity Secretary. I had to join him in all of his Presidential Tours, in particular the very rigorous ones we embarked upon to raise funds to pay the debts owed on the NSE building, Victoria - Island. The tours were gruelling and were by road, at times during Ramadan, but he never complained. He turned forty during one of those tours.

Khaleel was energetic and very committed to the Engineering profession. I appreciated his implicit trust in my capabilities. He would always say whenever I was given an impossible task, "give it to Adetiba and go and sleep and consider it done".

Pity I had not seen him since after the bouched EGM at Abuja even though we communicated with each other. Was even thinking of sending him a message on the very day he passed on.

It is so sad that I have lost two of my closest friends in the Engineering profession - Engr. Dr. Segun Aderibigbe and Engr. Khaleel Inuwa in less than a year. 

Rest in Peace Khaleel. I will surely miss you. 

Mayen Adetiba