Professor Rahamon A. Bello was born in Iboro in Yewa area of Ogun State on the 6th October, 1948. He had his secondary education at Egbado College, Ilaroin, the OND in Mechanical Engineering in the then Technical College, now the Polytechnic, Ibadan and a First Class B.Sc. Honours degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) in 1974. He also holds the M.A.Sc. and PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Waterloo in Canada.


Prof. Bello started his career as a Mechanical Engineering Technician at Nigerian Tobacco Company, Ibadan in 1969 and Petroleum Engineer with the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources (now NNPC) in 1975. In 1977, he appointed as an Assistant Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the University of Lagos where he rose through the ranks to become a Professor of Chemical Engineering in 1998. He has had extensive industrial and public exposures. He was the National Project Manager for the UNDP/ILO project on ‚ÄúStrategies for Self Employment Promotion‚ÄĚ in 1991/1992. This was resident within the NDE and covered twelve states of the Federation. He, later in 1994, became a member of the Ogun State Executive Council as the State Commissioner for Special Duties.


Prof. Bello specialized in Biochemical Engineering processes. He has carried out researches and consultancy in Industrial Biotechnology. He carried out pioneering works on Airlift Reactors, which led to their consequent uses as Bioreactors. His works characterized various types of Airlift Bioreactors, determining their intrinsic energy and mass transport characteristics, thus enabling appropriate use for each type in the industry. He has also carried out a research on Immobilized Enzyme and Whole Cells system. These works focused on the more efficient utilization of enzymes at degrading agricultural produces during industrial processing as well as finding more economical modes of degrading starches and celluloses, for use as industrial raw materials, e.g. in ethanol production.

Prof. Bello is a COREN Registered Engineer, a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and Fellow, the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers. Prof. Bello has written many books and has published in several scholarly journals.

  • Biochemical Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology and Process Engineering