Born 2nd September, 1952, Professor Adedeji B. Badiru received his B.Sc. with Distinction in Industrial Engineering from Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville in 1979.  This was followed by a MSc. in Mathematics in 1981 and another MSc. In Industrial Engineering in 1982 all from the same University. He thereafter obtained his Ph.D. from University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida in 1984.

Prof. Badiru started his professional career with Tennessee Technology University as a Teaching Assistant, Mathematics & Computer Science Department September 1979 but later proceeded to University of Oklahoma as Assistant Professor, School of Industrial Engineering from January 1985 - June 1991, Associate Professor, from July 1991 – June 1995, and Professor from July, 1 1995.  He served as Dean, University College, University of Oklahoma (July 1, 1995-May 31, 2000) and currently Professor and Department Head, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, Over the past three decades, he has worked in academia, industry and government.  He served as Director, Expert Systems Laboratory, University of Oklahoma, 1987-2000, founding Director, Centre for Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility, University of Oklahoma 1994, Industrial Development Expert and Consultant to United Nations Development Program, Federal Ministry of Industries, Abuja, Nigeria (1994 sabbatical leave), and Director, IE Centre to Industrial Development Research (IE-CIDeR)

Over the years, Prof. Badiru has received numerous honours and Awards which include the Distinguished Alumni Award, Tennessee Technological University (1999) Fellow Institute of Industrial Engineers (1996), and membership of several Professional Societies in the United States.  Prof. Badiru has written many books and has published in several scholarly journals.  Over the years he has also served as Consultant in several countries in the continent of Africa, North America, Asia etc.

  • Public Utilities System Design