Sir Professor Alfred Babatunde Olaiya SOBOYEJO is a full professor with tenure in the Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering and Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 43210. USA. He has wide experience in teaching, research, and professional practices in Civil, Structural, Agricultural, Mechanical, and Aerospace Engineering. He was born in Lagos on March 7th 1938. He is now an US citizen living in Columbus Ohio USA. He had excellence educational training in Civil and Structural Engineering and Applied Mechanics at University of Landon and Stanford University California USA from 1962 to 1965 where he graduated with MSc 1963, CE 1965, and PhD 1965. He is eminently qualified as an engineer. He is a well-known expert in application of statistics and probability methods to a wide range of engineering problems and had produced useful and workable solutions to several practical engineering problems.

Some of his achievements are statistical and mathematical characterization of bone strength in animals, particularly in the breeding of turkeys, broiler chicken and also bone strength of astronauts after space explorations. His work had made possible useful results of research in biological engineering and orthopaedical medicine in cure of bone strength in osteoporosis in women.

He had contribution immensely to engineering research in fatigue and fracture in aerospace materials and structures. He has produced with others the largest data sets for fatigue and fracture in titanium alloy used in design of aerospace materials in the elimination of failure due to fatigue and fracture in aircraft structures.

He believes that Nigerian Engineers can make immense contributions to the improvement of social and economic development of Nigeria. Good ideas are available in Nigeria all that we need are funding and encouragement from our national leaders to promote research and development in agricultural practices to feed our large population and also use agriculture to earn foreign exchange for Nigeria. We have rich soil in Nigeria and a lot rainfall particularly in the southern part of the country. Therefore, there should be no foot shortage in Nigeria. If more Nigerian are encouraged and assisted to practice agriculture, unemployment among the young graduate will decrease immensely. All projects of Nigeria which Nigeria will pay for should have to use Nigeria engineers to do engineering for the development of Nigeria. The use of foreign engineers should only be done when no Nigerian engineer can do the job. The areas where Nigerian engineers can work are as follows water supply and distribution, structure engineering, design and maintenance of central swage system, transportation engineering, design production and maintenance of electric energy for homes and industries, and other services and structures. The future is very great for Nigeria. A lot need to be done, we need assistant and support of our leaders to help Nigeria engineers to contribute more significantly to Nigeria development in the years that lay ahead.