Engr. (Mrs.) Mayen Modupeola Adetiba, born on the 17th of  April, 1951 in Ilorin, living at 7, Ogunkelu Avenue, Arowojobe Estate, Maryland, Lagos. A native of Ibeno, from the South, South of Nigeria. Graduated from Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls High School, Yaba, Lagos in 1968 with the WASC. In May 1975, she graduated from Columbia University School of Engineering, New York, City, with a B.Sc in Civil Engineering. She proceeded to Cornell University, Ithaca, New York where she earned her Masters in Engineering Civil - MEC degree, specializing in Structural Engineering in May, 1976.

Upon her return to the country in 1976, she worked briefly with the engineering firm Structure-eng of the former Vice President, Arc. Alex Ekweme as a pupil engineer. She  subsequently moved to Niger-Consult where she continued as a pupil  engineer in 1977. Upon the death of the owner of Niger-Consult, she was forced to transfer her services to DHV Consultants Nigeria Limited, a Dutch Consulting Engineering company as an engineer in 1978 In 1982, during the NSE interview, one of the examiners, Engr. O. Ogunsola invited her to be an Associates Partner of his company. Late 1983, Delkem Associates was registered and commenced business in 1984 for which she is the the Principal Partner.

Mayen Adetiba has been exposed to serious and challenging engineering projects right from inception. As a greenhorn, at barely one year after graduation, she was saddled with the responsibility of being the resident engineer for the construction of the Flat got the Legislators, former Durbar Hotel, currently Festac 77. Supervising an all expatriate supervisors at this stage of my exposure to engineering was not only challenging but beneficial to her as they were clearly more knowledgeable. She was not cowed by this, rather, she made sure she burned the midnight candle just to ensure she could hold her own. 

Mayen Adetiba has designed many structures in the past such as the Ibadan Brewery (NBL Ibadan) which was at that time the second largest in Africa. The entire structures in the new yard for Texaco Overseas, Warri, the IDSL (NNPC) Computer Centre / Offices, Benin, Akwa-Ibom State Governors Lodge And Laison Office, Abuja, Akwa Ibom State E-Library, Abak Road Dualization, Eket / Ibeno Dualization and Ibeno Shore Protection, to mention a few.

Mayen Adetiba is fascinated by not only design but construction as well. This is showcased in the construction of her personal house as well as Shepherdhill Baptist Church, Obanikoro that has ONLY two columns supporting the steel roof structures and has accommodated up to five thousand worshippers in the past. President Olusegun Obasanjo who commission the building said, " this structure is not just a masterpiece, but an engineering feat. The challenge here besides the columns supporting the steel roof, it was done by direct labour, funding was a problem and my services were pro bono.

Mayen Adetiba has contributed so much to the engineering profession. She is the first female engineer to be elected into the Executive Committee of the Nigerian Society of Engineers - NSE. She was, along with about twenty other professionals from divers field commissioned to draw up the Industrial Blue Print for Nigeria in the late 1980s which gave birth to NASENI. Mayen Adetiba has served NSE diligently.

  • Civil/Structural Engineering