Tributes to Late Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa

Tributes to Late Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa


Condolence Message


Prof. Engr. Fola Lasisi, FAEng, FNSE, FASCE, FNIAE, FNIM


Very very SAD!!!

May ALLAH grant his FAMILY the FORTITUDE to accept the GREAT LOSS, the same goes for the ENGINEERING PROFESSION!!




Engr. Prof. Fola Lasisi, FAEng, FNSE, FASCE, FNIAE, FNIM

President, the Nigerian Academy of Engineering



for late ENGR. I. K. INUWA on Saturday, June 20, 2020.


Our dead are not dead to us, until they have been forgotten. The late Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel INUWA has left rich and memorable legacies that cannot be forgotten.

I have chosen not to talk about his contributions to engineering, development, and humanity because I know many eminent engineers and indeed other Nigerians are set to look at his contributions to all of these very shortly. But I should say the basic things that he was to us while with us.


This distinguished engineer was born on April 15, 1949 in Gwale L.G.A, Kano City. He was at Kofar Kudu Junior Primary School, Emir’s Palace, Kano and at the Gwale Senior Primary School, Kano. He proceeded to Government College Kaduna and, later, Rumbas College Kano, for his High and Higher School education.


He graduated BEng, Mechanical Engineering, at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in 1973 and later an M.Sc. in automobile engineering from Cranfield University, Bedford in 1978.


Engr. Inuwa served in Port Harcourt at the Marine Services Department of the River State Transport Corporation in 1973/74 service year. He commenced engineering pupilage at Kano State Ministry of Works and Survey and rose meritoriously from Pupil engineer in 1974 to Principal Engineer. Then moved on to the Ministry of Rural and Community Development, Kano as Assistant Chief Engineer, later, Chief Engineer. He became Chief Mechanical Engineer Kano State Agricultural and Rural Development Authority 1986, Deputy Managing Director, National Trucks Manufacturers Ltd and acted as Managing Director in 1986.

He was member of the Kano State Executive Council as the Commissioner for Ministry of Rural & Community Development, and as a Commissioner in the Ministry of Animal Health and Forestry. He was Director of Engineering in the Kano State Agricultural Rural Development Authority and retired voluntarily from public service in 1989 to become Chairman, Technovation Limited. He also founded Technokonsult Ltd.


Engr. INUWA played key roles in the development of the Engineering profession in Nigeria using, especially, the platform of the Nigerian Society of Engineers.

He received six major awards of the Nigerian Society of Engineers between 1983 and 2008, and Merit Award for Excellence Service to Technology of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering COREN distinguished in 1997. He was honoured by the Lagos State Polytechnic in 2005.


He was decorated with Nigeria’s national honour of Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR) in 2005.


Engr. Inuwa was President NSE, President COREN and Technical Secretary of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering.


On behalf of Council and Fellows of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering, I express our heartfelt sympathy to the Family on the passing onto Glory of this wonderful engineer. May Almighty Allah grant him eternal rest and grant the entire INUWA family the fortitude to bear the loss.

May His Gentle Soul rest in peace (Amen).

Engr. Titi Omo-Ettu FAEng, FNSE.

Executive Secretary,

Nigerian Academy of Engineering.

A Tribute to Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel INUWA, FNIM, FNSE, FAEng, OFR


Engr. Kashim Abdul Ali, FNSE, FAEng, FSESN, NPoM, mni


It is with profound difficulty and deep pains that I write this tribute on Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa, FNSE, FNIMechE, FAEng, FNIM, OFR, a man many of his contemporaries know as friend, colleague, consummate engineer and proud Nigerian. Younger ones like me remember him as leader, mentor and pathfinder. Some may wonder why this stratification. Simple! Engr. IK as he was fondly called in the engineering family always loved to be seen and referred to as an old man, even in the midst of older engineers to the point that some of us, especially, Engrs MB Shehu, AA Rabiu and OAU Uche, albeit mischievously, often relished his moments with Engr. Dr. Olu Ajayi, FNSE, FAEng, a past President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), who made it a point of duty to call him small boy, whenever both were in their elements.


I first met Engr. Inuwa during his presidency of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, when he visited Makurdi Branch. I was a Principal Engineer in the Ministry of Works then, but not Registered. The difficulties of commuting to and from Enugu, the nearest NSE Professional Interview Centre then didn’t make it attractive to many except the likes of Engr. Felix Atume, FNSE, mni, past Executive Secretary NSE and Registrar COREN, who was very committed and indeed the face of the branch for a long time. Engr. Inuwa therefore gave us succor when he announced at the presidential dinner in his honour that the NSE Council had approved an Interview Centre for Makurdi. That was the turning point in my engineering career. God bless Engr Inuwa’s soul.


My activism however, only commenced in Abuja branch as Technical Secretary. At the Owerri conference in 1995, I was a rapporteur, and Engr Inuwa was my Session Chair, hence I had a close working relationship with him. I recall working all night to get my reports ready because I noticed from the onset that he had a knack for details, and was as generous with praises as he was with condemnations. Gladly, I met his expectations and received encouraging comments, which he so kindly shared with some senior engineers, as I later found out. I know for a fact that his testimonial was helpful in my political career in the NSE. God bless Engr Inuwa’s soul.


Engr. Inuwa was the youngest to have ascended the presidency of the NSE, and had instituted a ‘prize’ for whoever would beat the record. His tenure was highly productive and famous for its role in the first attempt at re-activating the Ajaokuta Steel Complex project, berthing the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Ltd (NLNG) where he served on the pioneer Board and saving the properties of heroes of engineering, who offered their title deeds to secure the bank loan that was used to build the National Engineering Centre Lagos, to mention but a few.  God bless Engr. Inuwa’s soul.


Engr. Inuwa was the first NSE President of northern extraction. That made him a leader and pathfinder, and his light shone so brightly that credit for the present high population of engineers from the north serving NSE with commitment, honour and integrity are surely and squarely his. God bless Engr. Inuwa’s soul.


Engr. Inuwa was a good family man. He loved his family dearly, and always shopped for every member of his family whenever he travelled. I recall teasing him on many occasions, especially when he shopped diligently for his married daughters, and you can guess his response. For a man who practiced what he preached, two of his daughters are engineers! All efforts should be made to complete the printing of his memoir and launch it in his memory. God bless the soul of Engr. Inuwa.


Shortly after the tragic death of Past President Mustapha Bulama, FNSE, OON, at 58yrs, Engr. Ven. PB Oyebolu, FNSE, FAEng, the most senior living Past President, instructed that engineers, especially past Presidents should no longer jump the death queue, but irrepressible Engr. Inuwa has broken the rule. Past President Oyebolu will have to deal with that. It is however instructive to note that Engr. Inuwa passed the day the President of our country, Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, Hon FNSE, inaugurated the Ajaokuta Presidential Project Implementation Team (APPIT). What a fitting farewell, given how dear to his heart the project was.


Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa, until his passing was a Past President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), Technical Secretary of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering (NAE), Deputy President of the Nigerian Institute Management (NIM), Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR) and honoree of the Association of Professional Women Engineers (APWEN) Engineering Scholarship for girls.


May Allah forgive his shortcomings in this month of mercy, accept his good deeds, grant him an abode in Al-Jannatul Firdausi and comfort his family.


Adieu Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa!



Engr. Kashim Abdul Ali, FNSE, FAEng, FSESN, NPoM, mni

Past President, NSE and COREN

May 12, 2020

A Tribute to Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel INUWA, FNIM, FNSE, FAEng, OFR


Engr. (MRS) Mayen Adetiba, FAEng 

In 1980, the NSE Past President Engr. CSO Akande, then MD of Portland Cement Plc dragged me to NSE. Engr. Akande was a member of the Board of DHV, a Dutch consulting firm I was working for. Even though I did not show much interest in NSE initially, I very quickly developed an insatiable affection for the society. Even though I was not registered yet as a corporate member, I was made a member of the Engr. Olu Awoyinfa's Publicity Committee and even attended my First AGM in Calabar. I was elected Assistant National Publicity Secretary and the Publicity Secretary the following year. I was the first female to be elected into the NSE Exco and Council for a few years until our dear President Engr. Mrs. Olu Maduka joined me after Apwen was formed.

Khaleel, as I fondly called him until his death, very readily openly embraced me so as to make me feel comfortable and welcomed in a formerly all-male Council and Exco before my election. This was before I turned thirty.

When he became NSE President, I was elected the National Publicity Secretary. I had to join him in all of his Presidential Tours, in particular the very rigorous ones we embarked upon to raise funds to pay the debts owed on the NSE building, Victoria - Island. The tours were grueling and were by road, at times during Ramadan, but he never complained. He turned forty during one of those tours.

Khaleel was energetic and very committed to the Engineering profession. I appreciated his implicit trust in my capabilities. He would always say whenever I was given an impossible task, "give it to Adetiba and go and sleep and consider it done".

Pity I had not seen him since after the bouched EGM at Abuja even though we communicated with each other. Was even thinking of sending him a message on the very day he passed on.

It is so sad that I have lost two of my closest friends in the Engineering profession - Engr. Dr. Segun Aderibigbe and Engr. Khaleel Inuwa in less than a year. 

Rest in Peace Khaleel. I will surely miss you. 

Engr. Mayen Adetiba, FAEng

A Tribute to Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel INUWA, FNIM, FNSE, FAEng, OFR


Engr. Otis Anyaeji, KtSGG  FAEng, FNSE


"Having become perfect in a short while, 

  he reached the fullness of a long career;

  for his soul was pleasing to the Lord,

  therefore he sped him out of the midst of wickedness."

(Wisdom, iv. 13-14).


In March 1985 when I came to the Council of the Nigerian Society of Engineers as Secretary, NSE, Warri Branch, Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa MNSE was 2nd Vice President of the Society. He saw me as a young entrant to Council, though not as young as he was when he entered. In one of our conversations, he told me he also arrived the Council Chamber as Secretary of NSE Kano Branch. He then made the point of being precociously elected Branch Secretary as a Graduate Member. Furthermore, he came to the Council wearing two caps ; his cap, and that of the Chairman NSE Kano. The latter was a free mandate from the incumbent, who was regularly unavoidably not available. Legend has it that even as a non corporate member, the young Khaleel bestrode both seats like a colossus. Thus within a decent interval Engr. Inuwa virtually alone from the North in the chamber, had won the confidence and respect of members of Council to get elected unopposed as Vice President. I did not get closer to him before I left the Council at the end of 1985.

At the 1987 AGM of the Society in Port Harcourt, one was elected Assistant Secretary General. In January 1988, President Ife Akintunde FAEng asked me to work out strategies for enlargement of membership of the Society. One of the recommendations made was that NSE should get COREN to implement one of the latter's stated conditions for registration, that an engineer applying for registration must belong to an engineering professional society, with an amendment requiring that such a candidate for registration must belong to NSE. There were other commonsensical, but seemingly disruptive recommendations. President Akintunde circulated the proposals to all elected officers. On this Saturday morning Engr. Inuwa, the 1st Vice President, was in the auditorium of the National Engineering Centre, Lagos, with other members of his Finance & General Purpose Committee about to meet. I went into the auditorium to greet the 1st Vice President and members of his committee. It turned out they were discussing the paper on " Enlargement of Membership of NSE". Engr. Inuwa remarked that the recommendations were good, but that it would be another ten years before we would have reached that level. I promptly joined him in an argument, querying the rationale for not having a go at them immediately. This argument was now developing in high decibel when somebody came and called me out of the auditorium. When I got to the corridor President Akintunde was waiting for me. He immediately said, "Boy, I want you to be the next Secretary General of this Society, and the person you are arguing with out there, by the grace of God, is the next President of this Society. Go back there and agree in principle with him". I complied at once. From then on I realised I had to relate more closely with Engr. Inuwa.

A short while after, I broached my intention to contest for the position of Secretay General NSE with him. He told me clearly that the incumbent, i.e Engr. Olu Awoyinfa FAEng was his bosom friend. And since there was no term limit, if the incumbent chooses to continue, he Engr. Inuwa would certainly support him. I still kept reaching out to Engr. Inuwa nonetheless, and fortunately Engr. Awoyinfa decided not to recontest. At the 1988 NSE AGM in Abeokuta, Engr. Inuwa was elected, as usual unopposed as President, and yours truly elected landslide as Secretary General NSE. Thus come 1st January, 1989, both of us struck off a partnership that yielded much dividends for the engineering profession in Nigeria, from polemical advocacy and activism. Some of the memoranda President Inuwa and I deployed to affect public policy positively in favour of the engineering profession in Nigeria, are as follows.


* 1989  I. K. Inuwa & Otis Anyaeji : " Minority Report on the Deliberations of the Consultative Assembly on the Reform of Companies Law." Submitted to Hon. Attorney General of the Federation.


* 1989   I. K. Inuwa & Otis Anyaeji : "  Presidential Directive on Self-Reliance in Engineering of Nigeria's Development Projects" - Memo addressed to the C-in-C.


*  1989   I. K. Inuwa & Otis Anyaeji  : " Memorandum  on the Review and Reform of Industrial Property Law". Submitted to the Nigerian Law Reform Commission.


*  1989   I. K. Inuwa & Otis Anyaeji  :  " Memorandum on National Building Code". Submitted to  FMW&H.


*  1990   I. K. Inuwa & Otis Anyaeji   :  " Memorandum on the Utilities Tariff Commission ". Submitted to the Presidency.


*  1990   I. K. Inuwa & Otis Anyaeji   :   " The Travails of the Engineering Profession in Commercial Law Practice of Nigeria". ( a compilation of correspondences with Government).


The Minority Report on the Deliberations of the Constituent Assembly (1989) resulted in the Decree No. 46 of 1991 which amended Decree No. 1 of 1990 ( Companies & Allied Matters) to give the Engineering professions a seat on the Corporate Affairs Commission ( Section 2) and include " Engineer" in the definition of "Valuer" ( Section 137 ).


Memo on "Utilities Tariff Commission " (1990) led to the Federal Government decision to establish four regulatory agencies for Energy, Water, Transportation, & Communications vide Mr. President's 1991 Budget Speech.


Engr. Inuwa as leader of the engineering professions was very charismatic. He had the full support of most members of the engineering community. Following the footsteps of his predecessor Engr. Akintunde in fundraising, the debt owed on the National Engineering Centre Lagos was paid off during his tenure.


He admitted Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR in eminence as Fellow in 1989.


One incident that happened early in his tenure is worth recalling on an occasion like this. Shortly before his 40th birthday anniversary, he embarked on a marathon pastoral tour of branches in the eastern flank of the country from north to south. The tour kicked off with Jos Branch, continued to Makurdi, thence to Enugu, and then Owerri, Aba, and concluding in Calabar. This was during Ramadan, and so when the entourage got to Enugu, arrangements were made for his early morning meal. The kitchen failed to provide the meal, on the first night and again on the second night. Engr. Inuwa did not lose his cool, and kept all his appointments. Talk about those who are strong.


It was during his tenure that I introduced the Certification Course on Engineering Valuation in NSE. President Inuwa gladly took on responsibility to teach Automotive and Construction Equipment Valuation.


When one became President in 2016, we had problems with funding necessary foreign trips for officers and officials of the Society. I felt more at ease not representing the Society at most foreign events because the money for the President's business class ticket could pay for three delegat.The Executive Secretary and I realised that prior to my tenure as President, Engr. Inuwa would unfailingly make his on arrangements to attend foreign professional engineering organisations conferences. We thus decided that  he must be included in the delegations to foreign conferences, moreso as Chair International Committee.

This country will continue to be grateful to Engr. I. K. Inuwa FNSE for the seminal work he did 1989-90 as Chairman , National Committee on Engineering Infrastructure. NASENI i.e National Agency for Science & Engineering Infrastructure is the main deliverable from the work of NCEI,. So also would we be indebted to him for strategic work on Ajaokuta Steel Project .  It is poetic injustice that Engr. I. K. Inuwa OFR FAEng passed on the day the Federal Government constituted a committee for the completion, and operation of Ajaokuta Integrated Steel Complex. He before yesterday afternoon was simply the best for the job.

Adieu my President & Kabiyesi !!!!!!!


His Royalty Otis Anyaeji KtSGG  FAEng FNSE

Obi Onowu n' Okija

(Traditional Head Ubahu Okija ) 

A Tribute to Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel INUWA, FNIM, FNSE, FAEng, OFR


Engr. Prince Segun Adedeji, FAEng

It has been this long for me, (6 days) to recover from the shock of the sudden and sad news of the mysterious demise of my friend, brother and professional colleague, Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa, on Monday May 11, 2020 after an illness period said to be less than 30 minutes. He was aged 71 years and 26 days having celebrated his last birthday on April 15 when I sent him birthday greetings as we used to exchange greetings on various landmark events, in particular during celebrations of our Faiths. Would anyone ever expect that would be the last birthday of his life?

The news came like hurricane which caught everybody off guard, his family, numerous friends and the entire Engineering community, all in disbelief, all wondering what happened. The spontaneous reaction of everybody to the news was the same. Shock! Grief! Questions were asked but no answer. Hearts became heavier, Faiths started to dwindle, tears became uncontrollable. As mortals, we would never find answers, as the will of God is unquestionable and His will must always be done. Who are we then to question His will? We only need to give thanks to God the Almighty, for the grace of making him fulfill his destiny, for a glorious exemplary life well spent and crowded with enviable achievements for which he would forever be remembered.

My first close contact with Engr. Inuwa was in 1989/90 when as the President of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), he was a member of Council of COREN, now the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria and i was then the Registrar of the Council. He was very active, always punctual and he demonstrated high sense of responsibility, discipline and good leadership traits. He was passionate about SITSIE, Supervised Industrial Training Scheme in Engineering, which sadly has remained moribund to date, Engr, Inuwa later became the President of COREN and his tenure was very successful.

Engr Inuwa and I became very close when we served in the Presidential Projects Assessment Committee,  set up by former President Goodluck Jonathan 2010/2011. The Committee members recognized him, late Engr. B. K. Mohammed and me as brothers, the way we related throughout the 15 months assignment. We shared same ideals in our belief in honesty, accountability, discipline, straightforwardness, meritocracy and fairness. The Committee worked hard as expected of patriotic Nigerians, but strangely, the well-received reports have never seen the light of day and no reference, to my knowledge, has ever been made to them to date Engr Inuwa expressed his regrets whenever we recalled our experience serving in that Committee.

Although we were a decade apart in age, we related with love, sincerity and mutual respect. I was fond of him as he was fond of me. He wanted me to serve in the Committees he chaired. He was the Chairman of the Committees on the Amendment of COREN Act and the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. I served with him on both Committees. The success of the two Committees has been well documented. The last time we were together was on February, at the Exco/Council meeting of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering, As the Technical Secretary of the Academy, he hardly missed meetings and he was usually very punctual, even though coming from Kano or Abuja. He was very dedicated and thorough After the meeting on that day, I took him back to his hotel as i usually do, reciprocating his kind gesture of always ensuring he got me back to my hotel at Abuja after meetings, even at evident inconvenience to him and his schedule A true friend indeed!

Engr. Inuwa loved his family and he was very proud of his children. I know two of his daughters who are Engineers. May they become greater Engineers than their father who was a great Engineer. I recall three occasions Engr Inuwa and i were in Accra, Ghana for the Ghana Institution of Engineers Conference. We shopped at a big Woodin materials store and my brother would fill 2 suitcases for gifts to his children, family and friends He was indeed very generous.

Engr. Inuwa died without experiencing any pains, 15 minutes between first attack and the second attack from which he never recovered. What a saintly way to return to his Creator after a laudable completion of his assignment on Earth! We must give thanks to God, the Merciful and the omnipotent for His grace in every situation. What would have been our reaction if he had survived the attack but become a ‘vegetable’, a burden to his family and to all of us for as long as he would live thereafter?

We should be consoled by the fact that is as natural to man to die as to be born. Quoting Young "Death is the crown of life, were it denied to live would not be e and even fools would wish to die"

Adieu Engr Inuwa! You have played your part honorably and left the stage when the ovation was loudest, in the style of a great actor. i certainly will miss you and your usual first words to begin our conversation, "my brother, how now?" But you will surely continue to live in my memory and in the memory of all who crossed your path in your sojourn on Earth, in particular your Engineering professional colleagues friends and Associates. A consolation is in the words of Margaret Sangster that "They never quite leave us, our friends who have passed through the shadow of death to the sunlight above; A thousand sweet memories are holding them fast, to the places they blessed with their presence and Love…”

To his widow, children, grandchildren and entire family, i express sincere heartfelt condolences on the painful loss of a trustworthy friend Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa. May Almighty God grant us the fortitude to bear the devastating loss and may his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Engr. Prince Segun Adedeji. FAEng

May 17, 2020






The death of Engr Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa is not just a loss to his immediate family but it is indeed a very big loss to the Nigerian Engineering Community and to the nation at large. Engr Inuwa did so much for the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) and more recently for the Nigerian Academy of Engineering.

Engr I K Inuwa is so committed to the NSE that he even uses his personal resources to represent the Society at international events even when no travel funds are advanced to him. I know this because we are both members of the Energy Committee of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) and for several meetings that I could not attend due to lack of sponsorships he always told me that he was using his personal savings to attend.

There are two important areas of common interest shared by Engr I K Inuwa and myself. These are:

1.      We both attended Government College (GCK), Kaduna.

2.      We both graduated from Mechanical Engineering Department of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria.

I should quickly add that at both institutions I did not meet Engr Inuwa. While he left GCK in 1967 I left in 1973 and while he graduated from ABU in 1973 mine was in 1979.

Engr Inuwa did not waste any time in ensuring that my professional development was done very rapidly. This was because shortly after the completion of my doctoral programme in the United Kingdom and my subsequent return to my employer at the time, Bayero University Kano in 1983, he introduced me to the Kano Branch of the Nigerian Society of Engineers which was very active then. With his guidance I applied for the corporate membership of the NSE and for registration with COREN and secured both in 1984.

Following the transfer of my service from Bayero University Kano to Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto in 1989, the engineers at the Sokoto Energy Research Centre of the University and those at the Cement Company of Northern Nigeria, Sokoto along with those at the State and Federal Government’s Ministries, Departments and Agencies in Sokoto applied to establish the Sokoto Branch of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. This was achieved around 1991 with the support and facilitation of Engr I K Inuwa.

Whenever I called him while serving as the Vice-Chancellor of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi (1995-2004) and as the Director-General of the Energy Commission of Nigeria (2005-2012), Engr Inuwa readily provided the needed advice and in some instances even travelled to Bauchi or Abuja to meet me physically within two or three days to guide me further.

The death of Engr I K Inuwa has surely robbed me of an uncle, an elder brother, an adviser and a mentor. May Almighty Allah forgive his shortcomings and grant him eternal rest in Aljanna Firdausi.



12th June, 2020


A Tribute to Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel INUWA, FNIM, FNSE, FAEng, OFR


Engr. O. A. Ajibola, FAEng


The very sad news is indeed hard to accept for me! I've been in active touch with him on phone over the last two weeks, & he has been in his usual bright and assertive self! This is why it is so shocking! Surely The Academy has lost a committed Fellow, an astute Engineer with a heart for service, a kind hearted & humane person, and above all a complete gentleman. My encounter with him over several decades will definitely leave an indelible mark in my life, while his passage will leave a huge gap in the entire Engineering Family domain. May God grant his family, The Academy, The NSE, WFEO, FAEO & the entire Engineering Family, the fortitude to bear the huge loss. Adieu 'my Pres' I K. May God grant you eternal rest & bless your beloved family. Your friend,  Ajii!!!

Engr. O. A. Ajibola, FAEng

A Tribute to Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa, FNIM, FNSE, FAEng, OFR


his Affectionate Friend Dr. Joseph E.S. Uujamhan


I never thought, IK, that there will be a time I will take my pen to write a tribute after your demise, at least not so soon, not when your stars were still shinning this brightly. As I do so today, it is with tears and agony, as I find a better part of me, separated, shockingly and unexpectedly. It was news difficult to take even though we are supposed to be ready for death anytime. We had spoken a few days earlier, and there was no such inkling that you were going to leave me, or your dear family or your colleagues in various vocations and professions, old school mates but above all, those who live by your litany of infectious joy and peace. I praise death, for being so fierce and forceful in snatching you away so soon. The 11th May 2020, is a day that will remain sadly indelible in my memory.

Our life has been intertwined in the last fifty years when we first met  in 1970, as students of Mechanical Engineering, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and barely six months after, you and I struck a rare friendship, that took me to celebrate the Salah public holidays with you and your family members in Kano. Being of different faiths, we exchanged our most respected and cherished holy books, the Koran and the Bible. That episode over the years, has led me into a deep but relentless study of comparative Religions. No doubt, we respected each other’s faith and have since lived comfortably within these boundaries. Anytime you slipped out of a meeting to go and pray, I recall the words of St. Francis de Sales that ‘’ prayer is to the soul what air is to the lungs.’’

Yes, we were classmates, but those who knew us, call us twin brothers, because we reasoned along the same path, particularly on issues concerning our profession and the Nigerian Society of Engineers in particular. I was not only the Chairman, Benin Branch, during your presidency but also, Chairman, Committee of Chairmen. You were my role model and driver to being the President of our great and noble Society, five years after you.

I have no words to thank you for the leadership you gave the NSE as President when in the shackle-hold of our debt on the National Engineering Centre, Lagos, with Banks threatening to take our building from us, you pulled the greatest string and caused a momentous restoration of peace and jubilation. Nor can we thank you enough for the two year dynamic leadership that saw you, build on the strength of those before you, but taking us to all nooks and crannies of this nation, as the number of branches, divisions and membership grew astronomically, just as our influence with government was at all-time high. We thank you for not leaving the NSE behind after your tenure, for you served and indeed chaired various constitutional amendment committees, directed to enhancing our practices. You stretched your able hands to embrace our regulatory body, COREN, not just as President but as regular adviser thereafter on so many issues. Engineering and Engineers in this country at least, can never forget you for your landmark achievements through your choreography of inclusiveness, diversification, and broad-based human relations.

Have I ever seen you angry? Yes! many times, but against evil, oppression, narrow mindedness, for your heart was large enough to accommodate many and still  remained white as snow.

I cherish your friendship, which was wide, transparent and all embracing.

I cherish your generosity which had no limits, including your gifts of babariga and white wrist watches that still dot my wardrobe.

I cherish your prosperity which was to the glory of God.

I cherish your punctuality and promptitude which mattered at all the events you were engaged in.

I cherish your humility, whose fragrance spreads to those who know that this life is simply a breath.

I cherish your knowledge, which effaced from hard work, openness and understanding.

I cherish your listening ears that know that there is not one answer to issues.

I cherish your courage, that brought you out from the “lonely North” at the NSE Council meetings and propelled you to our leadership at forty years of age.

I cherish your smiling face where your bright teeth and chubby cheeks reveal harmlessness.

I cherish your sincerity for one always knew where you stood.

I cherish your simplicity for you never went beyond the ordinary. and above all

I cherish your love, boundless love, extended to the young or old, male or female, tribe or tongue, clubs or creed. You were a melting pot of love. I am sure God took you at your finest hour, where your saintly soul is now shinning with unabated effervescence. Like St. Therese of Lisieux ,that charming soul of love, let your life in heaven be spent serving this world, raining prayers on us so that at the appropriate time, we shall meet  you with our Creator who rewards all according to their deeds. I know it will take time before my tears dry up but I am so well consoled that our paths crossed in this world in more ways than one.

Adieu our “General”, a position never contested with you by your co-fighters!


Adieu IK, who breathed Engineering all his life!!


Adieu a reliable, dependable and affectionate friend!!!

Adieu my twin brother—although tribe and tongue differed, in brotherhood, we stood !!! 




Engr. Dr. Joseph E.S. Uujamhan, KSG, PhD, FNSE, FAEng

           NSE President 1996 & 1997 

A Tribute to Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel INUWA, FNIM, FNSE, FAEng, OFR


Engr. Dr. John Erinne, FAEng


Engr. IK's very sudden passing is stunning & very tragic. Still dazed several hours after the devastating news broke. Got to know him well last year when I served in the Ajaokuta Steel Committee of the Academy which he chaired. His punctuality, deep sense of commitment, professionalism, passion & patriotism were outstanding. Above all were his warmth & decency. I certainly grew to appreciate & respect him. Let's nevertheless be consoled by his lofty achievements in his time. May his gentle soul rest in peace. May the good Lord comfort the family he left behind.

Engr. Dr. John Erinne. FAEng


This is very sad!

May God grant his family the fortitude to bear this painful loss, as we pray for the repose of his soul.

- Engr. Dr. Osaisai, FAEng

Very shocking news! May the Almighty grant his soul the help it needs for ascent!

- Engr Alex Ogedegbe, FAEng

Vice President, the Nigerian Academy of Engineering


This is really shocking at this point in time. May Almighty Allah forgive him his sins and grant him aljanna firdaus.

- Prof. R. A. Bello, FAEng

Innaa Lillaahi Wainnaa Ilaihi Raajiuun. May Allah SWT welcome you into Aljannah. Our dear Engineer I. K. Inuwa, God assigned and watched you throughout your life, and we can all testify that you served Him fully and sweated for humanity with all your energy and resources. May Allah reward you and comfort you eternally. Rest in Perfect Peace.

- Engr Umar B. Bindir PhD.

The death of Engr Inuwa is certainly a system loss. May Allah grant him Jannatul Firdaus and look after those he left behind

- Prof M. S. Haruna FAEng

Inalilahi Wainailehi Rajiun . This is very shocking indeed. I cannot believe Ibrahim Khaleel my friend, my brother is no more. I just called Kano and he is just being buried about now. Such is life!!! May Allah be pleased with him. May he be counted amongst the righteous .May Allah console his family.

- Engr. Yusuf O. Sagaya, FAEng

Words fail me!!

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

- Dr. F. I. Amakiri, FAEng

What tragic news and a monumental loss not only to the Academy but Nigeria and the world of Engineering. May his soul rest peacefully and perpetually. This why it may seem, sometimes that some of us are growing impatient with Nigeria and in a rush to see impactful change. God bless and help all of us.

- Emeritus. Prof. Austin Esogbue, ATL

May the Almighty God grant repose to his soul  and may He  console his family and friends. Amen.

- Engr. Vincent Maduka, OFR

Such a pleasant person. May his soul rest in peace.

- Prof A. P. Onwualu, FAEng

Oh dear, such outright straight forward personality. We thank God for the thorough life but he went too early. I have been trying his number since I heard it but no one is picking but it appears that it is confirmed and he has already been buried. His Soul Rest in perfect Peace, Amen.

- Prof. Danladi S. Matawal, FAEng

This is incredible! I phoned him recently to ask after his welfare. He sounded hale and hearty. What shall we say? May we recover from this shock and may God comfort his family and friends including us in the Academy.

- Prof. John Ade-Ajayi, FAEng


May his soul rest in perfect peace. May he rest in Aljannah Firdausi.

 - Engr. M. D. Abdullahi, FAEng


This is very sad news. We thank God for his very active life of service to engineering and humanity.  We pray for the sweet repose of his soul and the fortitude to bear this loss. Almighty God consoles his family and the Nigerian engineering community.  EJA

- Engr. E. J. Amana, FAEng

I was extremely sad to receive the news of the death of Inuwa. It is a great loss. We lost a great professional. May the Almighty Allah forgive all his mistakes and grant him aljannatul Firdausi. I lost a hard working former student in ABU Zaria. Innalillahi wa innailaihirrajiun.

 - Engr. Prof. Buba Bajoga, OON                               


My Experience


1. Last week, my mind went to Ibrahim as I listened to the TV news on the ravaging effect of Covid 19 in Kano.


2. I immediately sent a WhatsApp message on his private telephone number, and requested that he took great care.


3 Ibrahim replied promptly, assuring Tajudeen of his great health and safety.


4. I then acknowledged the prompt reply as concurrence to his well-being.


5. Moday, 11 May was planned for me as a day to visit the Supermart to replenish home stock. Accordingly, other things including messages would wait till Tuesday 12 May, for my attention.


6. Reluctantly, at 8pm I had to engage the generator to supply power for the LTV News @ 8. Ajaokuta project was in the news and my mind went to Ibrahim, surely as a member of APPIT.


7. At the time of the news ‘Ibrahim’ had been buried.


8. Thanks to NAE platform from where I obtained the news about the death of Ibrahim at about 1.30pm Tuesday 12 May, when I opened the platform.


9. Evidently, those we love will always prompt our memory, as and when necessary, in life and in death.


10. Innah lilahi, wahina lilahi RAJIUN.

- Engr. Tajudeen Olukayode Bawa-Allah, FAEng


My God! That Inuwa is dead? Where is this tragedy taking us to? We have lost a sustaining pillar of Engineering. INALILLAHI WAINAILAIHI RAJIHUN.

 - Engr. Titi Omo-Ettu, FAEng

Inuwa my friend and classmate. This is a great loss to engineering. What happened? May his soul rest in perfect peace and May the Lord grant the family and us all the fortitude to bear the loss.

- Engr. Clement Oke, FAEng

Woah!!! cannot believe this. Engr Inuwa was such a charming friendly friend and colleague. A very proud alumnus of ABU Engineering. Very devoted to the work of the Academy. That's an empty seat at our Council meetings where he participated effectively. May his soul find peace with the Lord. May God comfort his family and colleagues at the Academy.

- Dr. O. O. Phillips, FAEng


Oh dear...I called him on April 27 when the mysterious deaths in Kano was trending and we discussed on boosting immunity and staying safe.

Wow!! Shocking news indeed!!

May his soul rest in peace.

- Engr. Mrs. Christiana O. Adelowo, FAEng


This is very sad. May God grant his family the fortitude to bear this painful loss, as we pray for the repose of his soul.

- Dr. F. E. Osaisai, FAEng


Last Wednesday I sent him, Engr INUWA, the trailing text and his reply

“My Presido, its quite some time.

Just checking on you. I am sure that all is well with you and the family in Kano. God shall protect you and the family against this coronavirus in Kano In Allah Mighty Name Amen”

His reply


Thank you very much I am good and well. I appreciate your concern. God bless”

May his soul rest in perfect peace Amen

- Prof. Ayo Ogunye, D.Sc


Engr. Inuwa?  Unbelievable. His presidency of NSE was unique. May his gentle soul Rest in Peace.

- Prof. F. N. Okafor, FAEng

This is a real tragedy! I'm short of words! May his soul rest in peace and may God guide and protect those he left behind. He was always so proud of his 2 daughters who are engineers!

- Engr. Mrs. J. O. Maduka, MFR

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. May Allah SWA grant him Paradise and bless his family he left behind. A great loss to the Engineering family indeed. One of the most dedicated to this our profession.

- Engr. B. A. Suleiman, FAEng

So sad. May his soul Rest in Peace

- Prof. O. Ajibola, FAEng


That is life for us! May God Almighty have mercy and give him eternal peace! May He console his family and bless them.

- Engr. B. A. Soyode, FAEng

I am in shock. I am speechless. Once I got to know Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa as a young vibrant Engineer in the late 1970s, we have been very close.

Please tell me that the news of his death is FAKE news.

May his gentle soul rest in peace.

- Prof. Youpele O. Beredugo, FAEng


How very sad!


He always comes across as a genuine guy, quite unusual these days.


Deepest condolences to his family.

- Engr. Mrs. Fabiya Amakiri, NAEng

  A Tribute to Engr. Ibraheem Khaleel INUWA, FNIM, FNSE, FAEng, OFR


Engr. Dr. Mohammed Jibrin FAEng, FNSE, FNICE, FIMC



I could not believe it when Kabiru Inuwa, a younger brother to the deceased called to inform me with utmost worry that “Alhaji Ibrahim died about 10 minutes ago. We were together in his parlour about 30 minutes back”!

Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa, the legend of our time had a very interesting history as a fair leader within community elders, as a fair leader within his contemporaries, as a fair leader within his family, as a fair leader- Engineer within Engineers, as a fair leader within Government circles and as a fair leader - Engineer in the society.

Our ancestors originated from one of the most historic royal community that existed even before the conquest by Shehu Usman Dan Fodio. That is Galadanchi No. 1 [Gidan Galadima] within the heart of Kano City, a stone throw to the Emir’s palace, with inhabitants of the house having a strong royal trusts and affiliations.The leader of the traditional compound was the second in command to the Emir. This privileged extended family is the origin of his grand parents and my great grandparents including over a dozen active Engineers from Nigerian Society of Engineers in Kano Branch with also their origins predating the jihad.

His father[ Late Mallam Inuwa] was on an official royal assignment as Dan Doka [Native Authority Police] in Takai, the Head Quarters of the present Takai Local Government of Kano State when Ibrahim was born about Seventy One years ago as the second son of his father, with the first being a female. Thus, He was tagged in Galadanchi as “Dan Takai”- meaning, Son delivered at Takai since then and till death. Thus, I.K. as popularly called by his friends was brought up under the royal administrative set up, started learning and became conversant with the emirate system of administration right from infancy. Coincidentally, my Grandfather[Mallam Lawal]  was also on official royal assignment as DanDoka [Native Authority Police] in the neighbourhood Birnin Kudu in the present Jigawa State during which some of my my Uncles was born. It is important to mention that my father was the eldest son of my grand father and was left in Galadanchi during such numerous assignments.  


The immediate past Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sunusi II confirmed the meritorious service of Mallam Inuwa[Khaleel’s Father] during the Laboratory laying foundation at the Emir’s palace in Kano, A project of the Association of Professional Women Engineers in Nigeria, sited where Khaleel did his primary school. During the NSE Annual Conference {Kano 2005} , while I was the Branch Chairman, on Courtesy visit to the Emir’s palace. Late Alhaji Ado Bayero remarked before the Bulama led delegation,  ‘’I thought Khaleel is still the president of Engineers’’. This was 17 to 18 years after Khaleel left office as President of NSE. The Emir made the remark because of Khaleel’s effort in promoting NSE activities as seen and heard by the Late Emir.

My Grand Father[d.1978] and his Father[d.1988] were best of friends and confidants for Seventy Five years in the same house (Indeed they deserve a posthumous medal) from the Galadanchi community for the exemplary friendship during their time. This was publicly confirmed by the deceased [Engr.I.K.] himself during the 2019 NAEC National Conference and AGM in Kano. The family relationships which still exists is reinforced by serious intermarriages. For example, my immediate younger brother is married to his wife’s sister and many others.

As a fair leader within the Galadanchi community and his NNDC Quarters residence, he applied his both western education and traditions of Prophet Muhammad [SAW] to provide direction when ever the need arose. Indeed, he was the Imam [Leader] in the mosque built close to his Engineers Lane residence up his last prayer of the morning of his demise.

One of my Uncles Late Uncle Aliyu Mohammed, an agronomist told me that within all their contemporaries, I. K. Inuwa was playing the role of a mentor within the school children and even those not in school being toddlers and teenagers as mentees.

He was nominated and served as Honourable Commissioner and Member of the Kano State Executive Council in two key Ministries based on personal integrity and professional competence, with his achievements written in Gold for all to see.

At the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology. Engr. I. K. Chaired a National peer review committee on the state of the Nation’s industrial sector and  made a leading presentation amongst others before President Obasanjo. His excellent performance led to his appointment as the Chairman of the Governing Board of the National Board for Technology Incubation, with Prof. Gambo Laraba Abdullahi then as the Chief Executive, an assignment he performed diligently well. I am privileged to be serving the organisation as the director General/CEO.

Within the professional associations, his marks in various capacities within the NSE, COREN, NAEng and NIM amongst others including the Kano Peace and Development Initiative-KAPEDI[looking from distance as a non-member] that probably amongst other assignments earned him the prestigious title of the officer of the Federal Republic which is a presidential recognition and will remain indelible forever!


Engr. Dr. Mohammed Jibrin FAEng, FNSE, FNICE, FIMC

A Tribute to Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa, FNIM, FNSE, FAEng, OFR


Engr. Bello Gwarzo Abdullahi



Though humanity internalized death as inevitable, it remains a sad and shocking event to those close to the deceased. From Allah we come and to Him we shall return and every soul shall taste death.


The death of Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa is unexpected considering the way it came.  Allah knows best. Focused, passionate, quintessential and indefatigable Engr. Khaleel will be sorely missed for his immense contributions to the development of Engineering in Nigeria. He remains a shining light and an inspiration to engineers due to his passion and commitment in the course of his activities. During his life, Engr. Khaleel drummed it to all those who cared to listen that engineering is the pivot of development and it should be seen to be so. His mentorship and style is awe inspiring. He was always encouraging engineers in the course of discussion with words like "keep the hope alive" "we can do it", "develop a sense of pride", and "be passionate and confident in whatever you are doing". All these and many more are clarion calls for members of Nigerian Society of Engineers to give their all towards achieving the goals set by our great and noble Society - the Nigerian Society of Engineers.


Born on 15th April, 1949 in Gwale L.G.A, Kano City, Kano State. He attended the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and Cranfield University, Bedford for his B.Eng (Mechanical) and M.Sc (Automobile) in 1973 and 1978 respectively.


Engr. Khaleel served the nation meritoriously in Port-Harcourt at the Marine Services Department of the River State Transport Corporation in 1973/74 service year. He joined the services of Kano State government in 1974 as Pupil Mechanical Engineer and rose to the position of Chief Engineer. He became Chief Mechanical Engineer Kano State Agricultural and Rural Development Authority 1986, Deputy Managing Director, National Trucks Manufacturers Ltd and acted as Managing Director in 1986. Between 1986-1989, he was member of the Kano State Executive Council as the Commissioner for Ministry of Rural & Community Development, and as a Commissioner in the Ministry of Animal Health and Forestry. Finally, 1989 he served as Director of Engineering in the Kano State Agricultural Rural Development Authority and retired voluntarily from Civil Service in 1989 to serve as Chairman, Tec novation Limited that engaged in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of Engineering systems and Management Consultancy. He received many awards for distinguished services to the Nigerian Society of Engineers. 


On a personal level I became a corporate member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers from Jos branch in 1999 when Engr. P. Y. Tongman was the Chairman. When I was later transferred to Gombe the same year I met Engr. O. O. Olabenjo as the pioneer Chairman of Gombe branch. Even though I knew of Engr. Khaleel since my secondary school days at the Science Secondary School, Dawakin Tofa in the 1980s my interaction with him began during the Annual General Meeting/Conference of the Nigerian Society of Engineers held in Abuja in the year 2000. In the course of the conference, Engr. Istifanus Amlai was invited to attend a meeting and he asked me to represent him as he had to go back to Gombe to be part of those receiving President Olusegun Obasanjo who was coming for a visit. Coincidentally, later that day, Engr. Battah Yaga Ndirpaya and Engr. Prof. Babagana Mohammed also invited us (myself and Engr. Tasiu Sa’ad Gidari- Wudil) to the same meeting. That incident marked a watershade in an educating, exciting, exhilarating and beneficial experience with the nitty-gritty of the politics of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. It was an eye opener and a wakeup call for me to brace up for the challenges ahead. This was made possible due to the intimidating credentials of the convener  - Engr. Khaleel who chaired the meeting.  He emphasized the need for unity, commitment, fairness in dealing with others and networking to ensure that all are carried along. You can almost touch his sincerity and passion when he was talking. The vision and mission of the Nigerian Society of Engineers is a complex setting that requires focus and commitment in order to achieve set goals. For those in the civil service he reiterated the need to understand our peculiar situation so as to facilitate our participation in the activities of the NSE. He used to tell us how late Alhaji Sa'idu Mohammed Gwarzo  then Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Works, Housing and Transport used to encourage him and enquired about the the impact he was making as a representative of Kano. Since then our relationship continue to blossom with several meetings held in various locations across the country.  He was held in high esteem and listened to throughout the country. This further emboldened us to do more as part of our little contributions. His childhood friend and classmate Dr. Shamsuddeen Usman had this to say "Khaleel was very proud of, and passionate about engineering right from his student days. He was always very effusive about engineering. I cannot recall which of our friends gave him the nickname of "Injiniya da rabin Injiniya", i.e. an engineer and a half rolled into one, to which he answered very proudly."


Engr. Khaleel was an honest and dedicated man. He was a visionary who was passionate about a future for the engineering profession. He had impacted so much to the Nigerian Society of Engineers such that his name will be written in gold and will continue to be a source of inspiration. His wisdom, his vision and great service rendered to the nation will never be forgotten. I pray that Allah forgive his shortcomings, lighten his grave, give his family the fortitude to bear the great loss and grant him a home in janna.

Engr. Bello Gwarzo Abdullahi

A Tribute to Engr. I. K. Inuwa, FNSE, FAEng, OFR


Augustine O. Esogbue, Ph. D., DEng, FAS, FAEng, NNOM



NAE’s most amiable Technical Secretary, Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa’s sudden exit from our universe, apparently in respectful and obedient response to Allah’s imperious call, left many of us who knew and worked with him in a prolonged and dizzying state of shock. Some fell short of words while others were still in a state of disbelief until news of the near instantaneous Muslim burial rites and tradition being performed on him confirmed the tragic and depressing news. 


An epitome of a succinct and classical definition of the old and desirable but currently vacuous values of commitment, devotion, ethics, energy, integrity, purity and standards, it would be fair and not heretical, to enunciate the following self-evident theorems about our departed faithful Fellow: (1) If IK were Catholic, then the burden on confessionals would be considerably diminished because the density of major sins needing confessing would be sparse.  (2) If you are lucky to qualify as IK’s friend, then it would be unnecessary or redundant to seek many others since only a minuscular few would meet the strict admission standards to belong to the set of friends. (3) If a meeting is attended by IK without a contribution from him, then that meeting should be adjudged incomplete and very likely unproductive. Yet, as vocal as he often was at meetings and discussions, he would volunteer himself even for a fool’s errand if needed by the Academy.  He was that devoted and faithful to the Academy.



Engineer Inuwa always seemed very willing to volunteer his last kobo for even a stranger in need until I found out that nobody was a stranger to him. He was very approachable and laughed like a genuinely happy fellow. Initially, I was equally amazed that he always had an opinion on nearly every topic, until I found out about his deep history of association with and leadership of many engineering organizations in Nigeria. His contacts with the leadership and political class also seemed limitless. When I suggested earlier this year that a compact list of leaders from our NAE Fellows family should directly engage Nigeria’s powerful law makers and leadership class to institute the developmental changes we seek and recommend for the nation, Engr. Inuwa was high on that list.


When the Academy decided to take on the issue of reviving the Ajaokuta mills as a strategic industrialization initiative, Engr. Inuwa was right on it, again with the passion of steel. I remember his frequent and almost heated debates with late Engr. Prof. Aderibigbe on the subject. This happened despite the fact that both of them were friends, were admitted to the Academy the same year, and both had deep overlapping professional experience with that industry.  It is sadly ironic that both of them have now left us, and only a few months apart.  It is even more ironic that Engr. Inuwa died the same day that the President announced membership of his National Council on Steel.


This loss is monumental and as tragic as any that I have known since my association with the Academy. It is indeed a major blow to Nigeria and our world of engineering. His sudden departure has left a cavernous vacuum in earth’s space, one that cannot be readily filled because of the paucity of eligible candidates. It would be simplistic to say we will dearly miss him because we have already begun to feel his earthly absence.


The NAE family has lost a friend and a brother but we are comforted in the solace that the Heavens, the celestial home of true and perfect diversity, have gained a friend to reward with perpetual rest and God’s commitment.  Our earthly loss is heaven’s gain, one whose acquisition and prompt admission is certain to open doors for many yet delayed in purgatory.  May the good Lord ensure that all his dear ones left behind will be appropriately condoled.


Farewell, my irreplaceable and faithful friend.  Rest in perfect peace.  Requiescat in pacem.  

Naa na udo, ezigbo nwokem, onye ezigbo olu.



Augustine O. Esogbue, Ph.D., DEng, FAS, FAEng, NNOM

Professor Emeritus, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The Ozorkilolo, Ibuzor Kingdom, Delta State, Nigeria


June 20, 2020


A Tribute to an Indefatigable Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa


Engr. Clement Adeyinka and Dr (Mrs.) Yetunde Adenike Oke.


A Respected Professional Engineer

Engr Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa is a respected, jovial, committed engineering professional. We commenced our engineering career together in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in 1970 where he established himself as an outstanding performer ready to share knowledge with colleagues. He was at the top of the class and his graduation degree exhibited that. He is an exceedingly fast learner and ready to assist when requested.

In professional practice, his entrepreneurship skill was demonstrated early in his career as he launched into private practice to make this world a better place and making life easier with his ventures. He is a true national Nigerian indeed. He devoted much of his time interacting locally and internationally to make a difference by contributing to engineering and knowledge in general. This is exhibited by his attending the inauguration of NSE Houston Branch in 2018 with the then NSE President Engr. Mokuolu and his entourage.

We miss you my brother and friend and your beautiful smile, contagious laughter and most importantly your professionalism.

Adieu Ibrahim, Adieu Khaleel, Adieu Inuwa.

May you rest in perfect peace and may the Lord grant your nuclear family and the Engineering community the fortitude to bear the loss. Amen.


Engr. Clement Adeyinka and Dr (Mrs.) Yetunde Adenike Oke

A Tribute to Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel INUWA, FAEng , FNSE, OFR


Engr. Prof. John Ade Ajayi, FAEng, FNSE, FNMS, FNSME



One day Oliver Wendell Holmes, a respected American Congressman was in a train and when he saw the train ticket checker coming towards him, he began to check his pocket for his ticket. The ticket checker saw him and said to him:

"Your honor, we know and respect you, when you get home and find the ticket, kindly mail it to us"

Then, Oliver Wendell Holmes replied and said:

"I don't really care much care about the ticket now; I just want to know where I am going"

The leaders of many nations, institutions and organisations are like that. Their nations, institutions and organizations are just moving and they do not have clear vision of where they are going. That is not the case with late Engr. I K. Inuwa. His life reminds me of the immortal words of Zig Zigla :

"Outstanding people have one thing in common :sense of mission ." The fact that this past President of both Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and Council for the Regulations of Engineering (COREN) was an outstanding engineer is indubitable. He was a household name among the engineering family in Kano.


I first met this outstanding engineer in 1999 when I was the pioneer Chairman of Metallurgical, Mining and Materials Division and Council Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). Later, I became a member of International Affairs Committee of NSE of which Engr I K Inuwa was the Chairman.


I had a close contact with in 2018 after late Engr Prof  Aderibigbe, FAEng(a highly distinguished engineer) and I presented our papers on the imperative of value addition to the Nigerian solid mineral resources with particular attention to the resuscitation ,completion and operation of Ajaokuta Steel complex at the Fellows Forum of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering. As a result of these papers, the Academy set up a Committee on Ajaokuta Steel Complex under the Chairman of Engr. I K. Inuwa, the Technical Secretary of the Academy.

We work together in a team like spirit, completed and submitted our report before he died. He was a result-oriented leader, a solid engineer, a national asset abd an international exposed engineer. 


We are missing this icon, a fellow alumnus of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. May God uphold his family members and comfort them, indeed all of us.


Engr. Prof. John Ade Ajayi, FAEng, FNSE , FNMS, FNSME

June 20, 2020

A Tribute to Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel INUWA, FAEng , FNSE, OFR


Engr. Prof. M. S. Haruna FAEng, FNSE, FIET




The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) family was shocked by the sudden departure of one of its leading founding fathers, Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel Inuwa who was one of the best that devoted energy and professionalism in conceiving, nurturing and sustaining the goals and objectives of the organization.


I. K. Inuwa was an accomplished engineer and a leader who chaired the committee that was composed of eminent Nigerians whose patriotic zeal, grounded intellect, global exposure and commitment to Nigeria’s true socio-economic emancipation through industrialization gave rise to the idea of establishing NASENI in 1992. During the formative stage of the agency, he led the historic 150 panelists who embarked on a global tour searching for models and institutional arrangements for adoption by Nigeria to achieve its quest towards rapid industrialization.


The outcome of this revered committee of Engr. Inuwa was an iron-clad mandate of NASENI accompanied with strategies, requirements as well as implementation action plan that would guarantee continuous journey of endless benefits to humanity through home initiated, home sustained and need driven research for the nation’s development. Interactions with Inuwa on this matter has always revealed the passion he had of impact and capability of technology and innovation to human development, new opportunities and possibilities. Some of which would appear absurd yet realistically achievable with determination.

Another commendable contribution and achievement of Inuwa was on the development of a blueprint of National Policy on Science and Engineering Infrastructure which remains a ground breaking reference document for industrialization of Nigeria and Sub Sahara Africa. The success of this was attributed to his efficient persona as a patriot who had a curious foresight and could confidently be ascribed among great minds such as famous John Browne, the author of : Make, Think, Imagine Engineering, the Future of Civilization.


Until his demise, he was actively involved in the activities of NASENI as he portrayed himself a father who cared to nurture the agency from inception to maturity and whenever the need arose. He served as a foundation board member of NASENI between 1992 to 1994 and remained tenaciously astute for periodic evaluation and assessment of the agency and its institutes. Indeed, all past Chief Executives of NASENI including myself, the incumbent Chief Executive Officer benefitted from his wealth of experience, wise counselling and technical expertise in cordial relationship, which he voluntarily offered. NASENI as it stands today is a reflection of  the passion Engr I. K. Inuwa had and ultimately, his tremendous contribution to its birth will remain indelible in history.


Nigeria has definitely lost a field commander at this crucial time. But for us in NASENI, Inuwa lives on and he is deeply missed by myself, management and staff. May we all be granted the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.


May Allah grant him Al-Jannatul Firdaus.


Engr. Prof. M. S. Haruna FAEng, FNSE, FIET

Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive

National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI)


A Tribute to Engr. Ibrahim Khaleel INUWA, FAEng, FNSE, OFR


Engr. Prof. B. A. Adewumi, FNSE, FNIAE, FAEng




I sent a text message 2 days to my highly respected 'Oga
Inuwa' (as I mostly call him) before his departure, to ask about his welfare and still expecting his reply, only to get the shocking news of his death
on Abeokuta NSE Branch WhatsApp platform.

I continue to ask myself, 'could this be true and should I believe
it'? It looked to me as a dream.

I eventually got an authentic confirmation through a mail from ES, NAEng, particularly gathering that he had been buried!!

It is very sorrowful when a loved one is taken away so suddenly.

This is life, just like a vapor.

But, I shall continue to remember Oga Inuwa for his:


 Genuine interests
 cheering smiles
 Strong leadership

 ,,,,,, and so many uncountable good qualities.



Engr. Inuwa had passion and interest in all the divisions of NSE. In fact he is a Fellow of the Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers (NIAE). NIAE shall ever be grateful to him for his contributions.



On behalf of myself and NIAE, as I send my condolences to members of his entire family, especially his wife and children, I say good bye and good night to Engr. I. K. Inuwa. May his soul rest in perfect peace, amen.


Engr. Prof. B. A Adewumi, FNSE, FNIAE, FAEng
Director, Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies (CENTS),
Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), Nigeria.

  A Tribute to Engr. Ibraheem Khaleel INUWA, FNIM, FNSE, FAEng, OFR


Engr. Prof. R. I. Salawu, FAEng



News of I.K’s death was a shock to me and my wife who knew him well. He and I have worked together in the three arms of our profession i.e. at the NSE, COREN and lately in the Academy.  He was a dedicated and committed engineer and took issues of engineering seriously. In fact he so much loved the profession that two of his daughters studied engineering It was during his presidency of COREN and I was the registrar that The Engineering Assembly which has become an annual meeting point for engineering personnel was started.


His passing is a big loss to the profession. He will be sorely missed. May his gentle soul rest in peace and may Almighty Allah grant him Alijannah.


Engr. Prof. R. I. SALAWU, NAEng


A Tribute to Engr. Ibraheem Khaleel INUWA, FNIM, FNSE, FAEng, OFR


Engr. Prof. M. O. Faborede, FAEng



Engr Inuwa was NSE president when I joined the NSE Council in 1988/89 as Secretary of Ile-Ife Branch, the intellectual powerhouse of the NSE and the only branch in Osun state then. NSE was in debt and we had the onerous task of ensuring that the NSE Lagos house was not taken over by our creditors. The President showed great courage and leadership starting the launch of fundraising campaigns at the National level in Lagos. It was military era and we had several Engineers in power as State Governors, including in Ogun and Ondo states. I was in the South-West team as Secretary of Ife Branch and we mobilized and brought in Alhaji Mutallab to Chair our launch which fetched N1.8 million then (@ 1$=N5), swelling the pause generously that before the 1989 conference we had raised enough fund to erase the debt and saved the building. He rewarded me with a Presidential Merit Award, my first in NSE at that conference. That feat by the engineering family under President Inuwa’s leadership, shaped my commitment to NSE till today. Of course, we remained friends till his sudden passage to eternity, the news of which was a great shocker for me and family, like many who had met him. He is a President of Presidents, a very humane, kind, caring and very hard-working professional engineer. He will be sorely missed. I thank the Academy for this wonderful tribute session in his honour.


Engr. Prof. M. O. Faborode, FAEng


A Tribute to Engr. Ibraheem Khaleel INUWA, FNIM, FNSE, FAEng, OFR


Engr. Prof. Azikiwe Peter Onwualu, FAEng, FAS



Birth and Death are two of those mysterious things that God in His infinite wisdom decided and has continued to decide to keep their understanding away from man. This is why when any of them happens, we resort to our faith to help us live with it. In the case of birth, it is a thing of joy for families and friends. Unfortunately, in the case of death, it is a thing that brings sorrow and sadness as you would have to miss your loved one forever. This is why I received the death of one of Nigeria’s finest engineers, Engr. I.K. Inuwa with shock, disbelief and sadness. He was an engineer of the first order, serving the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) at the highest level of President. His regime was one of the most successful for the society. He has also served humanity in the various engineering positions he held and various national Committees he either chaired or was a member. These are eloquently captured in hos citation. On a personal level, he impacted immensely positively to my life as an engineer. In my younger days, I got appointed as a Consultant to Petroleum Trust Fund on a national assignment under his consultancy company, without ever meeting him. The company was looking for a competent person to represent them in the south east and just by looking at my CV, I was appointed. From that encounter, he became one of my esteemed mentors in the practice of Engineering Profession. Engr. Inuwa was a detribalized Nigerian who was able to overcome the unfortunately normal divisions of north-south, Christian-Moslem divisions that informs our decisions in Nigeria. More recently, he became my travel partner each time we travelled from Abuja to Lagos and back for Council or Exco meetings of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering. Those trips brought us closer together as we discussed at length during the trips. I definitely learnt a lot about life from him. May God grant Engr. I.K. Inuwa eternal rest in heaven.


Engr. Prof. Azikiwe Peter Onwualu, FAEng, FAS