The objects for which the Academy is established are:-

i.to promote excellence in, and the general advancement of, engineering science, practice, and technology and related disciplines, and for the advancement of society, economy and humanity.

ii.to facilitate the dissemination and exchange of ideas among members and other similar bodies and establishments, specifically.

(a)to organize ways of anticipating and assessing the changing needs of Nigeria and to advise appropriate bodies on the technical resources that should be applied and to sponsor programmes aimed at meeting these needs.

(b)to provide independent and expert advice on matters of national importance pertinent to engineering and technology.

(c)to cooperate and interact with professional bodies, engineering, scientific and academic, locally and internationally.

(d)to recognize outstanding contributions to society and country by Nigerian Engineers (and engineering scientists) and to highlight exceptional engineering achievements.

(e)to promote and safeguard excellence in engineering education and practice; and high standard of professional ethics in engineering, science, and technology

(f)to provide a forum for eminent engineers to present research and development activities in engineering for the benefit of the Academy

(g)to serve the nation in connection with significant changes involving engineering and technology;

(h)to receive bequests, gifts, donations, grants for the advancement of any of its objects.

(i)to purchase, hold, lease, let, mortgage, sell, improve, or otherwise acquire and dispose of any movable or immovable and any rights or privileges, which may be necessary or convenient for the advancement of anyof the objects of the Academy;

(j)to invest and deal with the monies of the Academy not immediately required in any manner;

(k)to borrow money where necessary to promote any of the objects set out herein upon such securities as may be determined;

(l)to apply or petition for any legislation, parliamentary or otherwise that would further any of the objects of the designer swiss replica watches Academy;

(m)to perform any other services/object pertinent to the objects of the Academy