Research Grant Competition of Professor Ayo Ogunye Chair of Chemical Engineering: Call for Entries for Research Grant Award Competition in Chemical Engineering (2019 Edition)

1. The Board of Trustees of the Professor Ayo Ogunye Professorial Chair in Chemical Engineering, awards a limited number of grants yearly to a maximum of N1,500.000.00.

2. (A) The Fund is designed for the exclusive use of the applicant for his/her research.


(B) The main body of work must be undertaken by the applicant while the non-essential parts may be carried out by other parties.

The Trustees main research interest will vary from year to year and this will be made known during the call for the competition.

3. It is expected that the grant will normally be used for the purchase of equipment, services and chemicals.

4. Under the usual conditions of funding, no portion of the grant may be used for personal expenses such as the payment of an assistant or research student and will not normally be used for the purchase of books or subscription to journals or magazines. Only in exceptional circumstances, and specifically to aid the furtherance of the research programme,may a portion of the grant be used for travel details of which must be explicitly stated in the application.

For details and more information on 'Professor Ayo Ogunye Professorial Chair in Chemical Engineering Research Grant Award Application Form' is available on:

MARCH 18TH TO JUNE 17TH, 2019.
Please send your completed application to the email address: TEL: 0802 323 7091